Monday, July 13, 2009


We had another big work weekend. The appliances came on Thursday, but they couldn't get them all installed because of some electrical issues. So Charles and Craig were my heros and came on Friday and got that worked out. Then between Friday and Sunday Terry pulled up the last of the carpet, he and John finished the kitchen floor. Jenn, Bonnie and i scrubbed, stripped, sanded and scrubbed some MORE the old clawfoot tub. It actually has feet with CLAWS! So cool! Then we painted it - it looks really great. The old bathroom is almost done. Terry put in the toilet, sink, mirror and even towel bars. He's AWESOME! Kota and Katie helped me pick up the new table and chairs - Ko and Terry put it all together. Jenn worked on tiling in the master bathroom - top of the tub and some of the floor. And THEN there was this HUGE thunderstorm. It was like a hurricaine! CRAZY! We watched it out my new bathroom windows.

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