Sunday, August 23, 2009


OMG! For the most part we're DONE! I actually live here now! It's AWESOME! The desk got installed in the kitchen, the furniture is in, pictures, curtains, mirrors are hung (Terry is the master of hanging stuff). While all this was going on we FINALLY got the shipment we've been waiting on for a month. While Jenn, Bonnie and I mopped, cleaned and put stuff away (and Terry hung stuff) Ang packed away 'till 6:30! What a DAY! Just a few things left to do and the final CO on Sept. 8! WOO HOOOOOOOOO! Yes Jenn - YOU WERE RIGHT! I love my house, my family and friends. Thank you ALL! And Bonnie - you truly ARE a rock star!!!!!!!


wow - it's getting SO close to being done! While I was away one day Perry came and put this beautiful glass in the kitchen hutch. What a cool surprise when I came home! Doug did a great job tiling the steam shower. Bonnie, Jenn, Ang, Terry - all continue to amaze me with the time and effort they put into this project. Looks like Charlie had a little run in with some white painted hands!!! I cooked the first meal in the new kitchen - nothing special, but spaghetti for the Ramsey family and I! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!! You're ALL rock stars!!!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Monday, July 13, 2009


We had another big work weekend. The appliances came on Thursday, but they couldn't get them all installed because of some electrical issues. So Charles and Craig were my heros and came on Friday and got that worked out. Then between Friday and Sunday Terry pulled up the last of the carpet, he and John finished the kitchen floor. Jenn, Bonnie and i scrubbed, stripped, sanded and scrubbed some MORE the old clawfoot tub. It actually has feet with CLAWS! So cool! Then we painted it - it looks really great. The old bathroom is almost done. Terry put in the toilet, sink, mirror and even towel bars. He's AWESOME! Kota and Katie helped me pick up the new table and chairs - Ko and Terry put it all together. Jenn worked on tiling in the master bathroom - top of the tub and some of the floor. And THEN there was this HUGE thunderstorm. It was like a hurricaine! CRAZY! We watched it out my new bathroom windows.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


The granite slab for the island weighs 800 pounds! I took a few pictures of the 4 guys moving it into the house but i really didn't want to watch! There are so many lights and outlets and 6 ceiling fans! It's so bright and beautiful! I'm having a hard time getting my mind around that this is actually my kitchen!
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Monday, June 22, 2009


There are beautiful colored accent walls in all the upstairs bedrooms and my bedroom/bathroom. The mudroom floor is completely tiled AND grouted! The little bathroom is tiled, and the wainscoating is painted purple! See the pic of Chauna holding the last tile! The upstairs bathroom floor is tiled and almost the whole shower! Chauna and Jennifer become some kind of collective brain when they are tiling. I have dubbed them "Chaunnifer"! I grouted the mudroom - not a clean job! Katie and Andi both helped with the painting. Jennifer was having some cell phone issues (something about her sports bra?!?!?!) today! Even the kitchen is starting to come together!!!! Terry helped us on Father's Day by organizing the wood trim and cleaning the basement. Once again - Thank you SOOOOOOO much amazing friends and family.
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