Monday, June 22, 2009


There are beautiful colored accent walls in all the upstairs bedrooms and my bedroom/bathroom. The mudroom floor is completely tiled AND grouted! The little bathroom is tiled, and the wainscoating is painted purple! See the pic of Chauna holding the last tile! The upstairs bathroom floor is tiled and almost the whole shower! Chauna and Jennifer become some kind of collective brain when they are tiling. I have dubbed them "Chaunnifer"! I grouted the mudroom - not a clean job! Katie and Andi both helped with the painting. Jennifer was having some cell phone issues (something about her sports bra?!?!?!) today! Even the kitchen is starting to come together!!!! Terry helped us on Father's Day by organizing the wood trim and cleaning the basement. Once again - Thank you SOOOOOOO much amazing friends and family.
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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Wow - another amazing few days of work. Terry and Jennifer, John and Chauna and even Dick Berg got in on the work! He completely pulled up the old bathroom floor. Terry got lots of the painting done, all the primer, white paint on the walls and ceilings and the base color (HAZE) in the kitchen. He and John kicked butt on the kitchen floor - it's so beautiful! Chauna is the tile queen - she and Jenn got the upstairs bathroom floor done. Check out the cool design tiles! I learned how to saw tile! Very cool. Such amazing friends!!!!! Thank you guys!!!!!!!!
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